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We have selected 21 of the finest botanicals based on centuries of ancient wisdom in liqueur formulations. Through a rich array of wholesome herbs, organic fruits and exotic spices, we have created this exquisitely delicious Oriental liqueur.  
Taste the magic !

A Secret Recipe Inspired by 3 Ming Dynasty Formulas

Premium Ingredients
Azenja Gong Makara Highlights.HEIC

Highly revered herbs, spices and fruits make-up the smooth refined taste of Azenja. With a taste so sublime that it enlivens the tongue and enlightens the mind, Azenja will leave you contemplating the true spirit of liqueur.Woodiness, wisdom tree bark, roots and Wolfberries breeze upon leafy trees with heavenly fruit and a pinch of salt. 
"Caresses the taste buds with the Spirit of joy, grace and splendor."
Experience the glory and bliss of sensory ascension. 

Azenja - Enlightenment for the Taste Buds

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