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In the ancient dynasties of the Orient wise sages would carefully craft invigorating liqueurs for the emperors and their cohorts. After many years of traveling through the East, and searching through the secret recipes, we have carefully composed this exquisite elixer.  


Inspired by the Orients tradition of blending herbs in sophisticated ways, Azenja is formulated with an extraordinary collection of the finest botanicals.  With a smooth and sensual taste, Azenja illuminates artisanal arrangements with nature's harmonious flavors.

After decades of research and centuries of historical development, we gratefully extend Azenja for your fine tasting pleasure.


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Azenja harmonizes the elemental and alchemical properties of herbs, spices and fruits.

Starting with the fundamentals of elemental balance, Azenja boldly expresses masculine fire power while also embracing the delicacy of feminine softness and grace.

Black Label 35% - White Label 21%

By balancing the fire and water elements in Azenja, this perfectly tuned liqueur will seduce and arouse passion in all your senses.

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